KOR® training seminar

First responder / second emotional crises

In Germany, medical first aid is a matter of course, even mandatory.
But who provides first aid in emotional crises or emergencies?

Within the framework of the further training ‘First Aider for Emotional Crises & Emergencies’, we would like to specifically train people who can be a ‘first aid’ to their fellow human beings in a timely manner in order to provide relief in overstraining life situations – both in private environment as well as in the company.

Acute emotional crises challenge families, friends, and businesses alike.
First aiders for emotional crises and emergencies can provide professional support quickly.

In times of social change, the need for psychological first aid plays an ever-increasing role: burnout, sleep disorders, anxiety, acute stress states, school phobia, mobbing, stress caused by staff shortages, family changes, and much more are on the rise.
Already today, every student/employee in Germany takes an average of 10 sick days per year due to psychological overload.

Emotional overstrain manifests itself in many ways, from perceived disappointment, unfulfilled expectations, anger, resignation, guilt, high heart rate, sweating, shortness of breath, lack of appreciation, lack of drive, violence, fear, bullying, addiction, processing of diagnoses, to self-harm and much more.

We impart knowledge and methods that quickly help the affected people in acute crises.

Target group

  • People interested in ‘emotional first aid’
  • Parents
  • Coaches & trainers
  • Grief counselors
  • Institutions l Daycare centers l Schools l Clinics
  • Companies
  • Team & personnel managers

Seminar content

  • Body grips for emotional stabilization
  • Classifying the variety & dynamics of emotions
  • KOR® model of emotions
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Introduction to conversation
  • Why guilt is helpful
  • EFT tapping techniques
  • Autonomic nervous system: organ reactions to emotions
  • Self-experience
  • Aromatherapy for anxiety – excessive demands – stress – burnout

KOR® Continuing Education Seminar
Emotional Crisis & Emergency Helper


2 days

Stephanie Gotthardt
Tobias Hennicken

KOR® Keys of Resonance Academy
Praxis Lichtung

480 Euro

(Acceptance of education vouchers)

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