Mindfulness & Meditation

Serenity in day-to-day life

Target group: Individuals, groups, and companies

Numerous psychological studies have proven that regularly meditating persons feel exceptionally happy and content. Not only is this an important discovery in itself, but it also even has a tremendous medical significance: These positive emotions are closely related to a longer, healthier, and happier life.

With our KOR® workshop ‘Mindfulness & Meditation’ we would like to offer individuals, groups, and companies a possibility to experience serenity in hectic day-to-day situations. A worried soul needs calm and regeneration. We guide you to let go of stress and troubles and open your inner doors to peace and tranquility.

In companies, mindfulness and meditation can effectively increase the well-being of employees and lead to holistic success.

In our workshop ‘Mindfulness & Meditation’ you get in touch with your deepest ‘ego state of existence’ as an individual person. — Stephanie Gotthardt

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