KOR® Workshops

Solution-oriented communication

Target group: Companies and groups

At KOR® Academy it is our personal concern that you learn to feel and experience conversations holistically. We support your company in achieving coherent communication within the team, with customers, and in negotiations. Enjoy getting into contact and feeling it.

Internal and external team development

Target group: Managers, employees, and teams

You are founding a new team or changing the structure of your current team? You want to give an existing team more access to resources or unite your team even more powerfully? You want to connect an international team more closely despite distance? You would like to open a meeting and are looking for a harmonious holistic approach?

Professional heritage: Motivation in the professional question of meaning

Target group: Managers, employees, and teams

Some professional fields have no visible result in their activity. We would like to support you with the workshop ‘Professional Heritage’ with more transparency and motivation in the question of meaning in your job. Where did my profession and my position come from? What did I bring to this position and what do I want to ‘bequeath’ to my successor?

Mindfulness & Meditation: Serenity in everyday life

Target group: Individuals, groups, and companies
In our KOR® offer for mindfulness and meditation we would like to introduce individuals, groups, and companies to a way of experiencing serenity in hectic everyday life. A careworn mind needs rest and regeneration. We guide you to let go of stress and restlessness and open your inner doors to peace and balance.

Transformation and change management as self-awareness

Target group: Managers, employees, and teams

The workshop ‘Transformation & Change’ enables you to have a self-experience living through human transformation and change.

We want to sensitize and support you to be powerfully prepared for transformation and change processes in order to react to any change in harmony with yourself and your environment. Because after the change is before the next change.


The training program ‘Keys of Resonance I’ offers you the opportunity to meaningfully experience human transformation and change.

The aim of the workshop ‘Keys of Resonance II’ is to get to know and to reflect on your habitual style of communication.

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