KOR® Supervision

KOR® Supervision for individuals, teams, and groups

KOR® Supervision offers you support if you feel stuck in a certain situation and need an exterior impulse. The original latin meaning of „supervision“ is „overview“. With this approach we support you as an individual, as a group or team, in obtaining an overview over yourself and your present challenges.

With KOR® Supervision you obtain an overview over yourself, your team or a challenging situation.

You want to develop your team? You want to support your team to overcome a conflict and reestablish harmonious conditions? You have issues in your team which are challenging for the relations with your customers? You want to simply reflect yourself or your team in order to obtain a better idea of the present condition? Or you feel like enhancing a specific topic with your team?

Benefit from our wide-ranging experience from a diversity of occupations and businesses in the domain of supervision. We monitor and moderate supervisions in a creative and powerful way, offering solutions and an activation of your resources.

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