KOR® Further education training

Grief and transformation

Giving comforting and strengthening impulses as a companion

If you would like to develop professionally, if you are interested in the topic of mourning, farewell and change, if you have the desire to support people in mourning and change processes, we cordially invite you to take a look at the following offers. We welcome grief counselors, funeral directors, team leaders/executives, coaches, therapists, hospice staff, clinic staff, career changers, and anyone else who is interested. We are available for personal consultations on the respective training and continuing education courses.

First aider for human grief support

First Aider for Emotional Crises and Emergencies (KOR®)

Certified specialist for therapeutic grief counseling

Grief is a ‘basic intercultural emotion’...

To accompany mourning processes in a humane and comforting way has been a matter that is very close to our hearts for generations. Grief is a basic emotion, which can be found in us humans as well as in the animal world. Grief is a ‘cross-cultural basic emotion’, which is felt worldwide.

‘..we would like to complement their intuitive actions as humans in order to be able to give comforting and strengthening impulses as a companion / therapist / team leader…’

The goal of our training and further education is on the one hand to sensitize participants to grief processes through self-awareness and to get to know a range of options of grief counseling, psychotherapy and management consulting. We would like to complement their intuitive actions as human beings in order to be able to give comforting & strengthening impulses as a companion / therapist / team leader. The goal is to support fellow human beings in life crises, which are especially accompanied by grief & change, so that they can experience confidence, hope, motivation, and quality of life again.


Within the framework of our training and further education we would like to share with you our wealth of joint experience from over 60 years of grief counseling and 20 years of psychotherapy. The close cooperation with scientific institutes and universities rounds off our offer on a qualitatively high level. We would like to introduce you to the versatility of mourning processes, so that you can view them from a broader perspective. Grief models, stages of grief and the exploration of sensory modalities in the context of a holistic orientation will give you as a companion / therapist / team leader a first orientation as to which support could be helpful for your client / colleague. In our training and further education courses we want to convey humane, supportive, comforting, and stabilizing interventions for grieving people after a loss and to strengthen companies in change processes sustainably and successfully. You will be able to apply the contents of the training and continuing education courses in your everyday professional life in a timely manner. This includes theory lessons on the topics of grief & change, practical work with humanistic and person-centered interviewing, aromatherapy, EMDR, hypnosystemic grief counseling, KOR® EyeResonance, management consulting, transformational support, systemic coaching, and much more.

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