Solution-oriented communication

Target group: Companies and groups

There are many seminars and workshops dealing with communication. At KOR® Academy we are personally concerned with you learning how to feel and live conversations in a holistic way. It is one thing to learn a technique and a certain behavior, being harmoniously in touch with yourself and others is quite another – this is what successful communication is about. We support you and your company to achieve coherent communication processes within your team, with your clients, and in negotiations. Enjoy establishing contacts and feeling them.

Currently, we offer the following workshops for companies and groups:

  • Biography in habitual styles of communication
  • ‘The inner diversity in conversations’
  • Humanistic conversation skills
  • Conversations according to transactional analysis child / adults / parents / ego
  • Communication with resonances and nonverbal signals
  • Solution-oriented conversations
Communication is more than an exchange of words: Experience the meaning of sustainable and vibrant communication! — Stephanie Gotthardt

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