Professional Heritage

Motivation in the professional search for meaning

Target group: Executives, employees, and teams

Occupations in some professional fields lack apparent outcomes: Computer-developed products, administrative activities, software development and many more do not show any haptic or visible result.

Thus, at some point, the search for meaning may arise: “What am I doing this for anyway?“ Sometimes this leads to “work to rule“ habits, in order to make a living or, especially at an older age, an “retired soon“ mentality develops. This means working for a company without any identification or passion – which is an unfavourable attitude for success oriented companies and an unhealthy situation for the employee.

With our workshop Professional Heritage we would like to assist you in finding more transparency and motivation in the professional search for meaning. Where do my profession and my position come from? Did I make a difference in my position and what would I like to “bequeath“ to my successor?

The main goal of this workshop is to encourage executives, employees, and teams to take self-responsibility and to live it. The focus is on making you feel joy again, rediscover your own aspirations and reach your goals. Actively design your future together with your team and dare to take a glance at the next generations of your company.

Feel joy again, rediscover your own aspirations and reach your goals.

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