KOR® ‘Practitioner’

KOR® ‘Practitioner’

Application of KOR® EyeResonance and KOR® SystemicResonance, body coaching, body therapy, resonance constellation, interventions combining science and spirituality, holistic relief interventions, strengthening of resources, mindfulness

Target group:

Consultants, coaches, therapists, grief counsellors, personnel managers, executives, etc.

Course length:

3 days

Course venue:

KOR® Keys of Resonance Academy, Oberschallemich 1 in Odenthal/near Cologne
or as in-house training within your organization


This workshop can be held in German and English, as required.

Cost: 850 Euro

KOR® ‘Practitioner’ in detail:

As a KOR® Practitioner you can expand your skills in physical interventions with the contents learned in the modules KOR® EyeResonance and KOR® SystemicResonance, and promptly give your clients relief in challenging life situations / crises.

Through KOR® self-awareness, KOR® Practitioners possess a strong perception of resonance phenomena and interact with ‘what is’ in the resonance field. Targeted interventions in body-oriented psychotherapy allow for one of the most effective approaches to mental imbalance and can promptly provide stability, tranquility, and orientation. The willingness to combine scientific findings with spirituality is a fundamental basis for working successfully as a KOR® Practitioner. In agreement with each other, KOR® Practitioners and their clients can raise the quality of life significantly.

This method was developed by Stephanie Gotthardt. You will get to know a powerful concept of short-term coaching/therapy which lets you and your clients prepare solution-oriented relief in all occupational and private fields. You intervene with ‘constellation and body-orientated work’ in order to achieve lasting relief in the concerns in question and/or strengthen resources tangibly. It is frequently reported by clients that only one ‘KOR® Practitioner’ session noticeable positive changes are perceived, contributing to a higher quality of life. On completion of all three KOR® modules, you will receive your KOR® Practitioner certificate and will be registered in the KOR® database together with internationally certified KOR® Practitioners, etc.

Application Options of KOR® Practitioner in Coaching / Consulting / Human Resources:

  • Fear of presentations, meetings, etc.
  • Decision making
  • Support in transformation and change processes
  • Dismissal/termination of staff
  • Reinforcement of resources
  • Burn-out prevention
  • Enhancement of presence
  • Personality consolidation through sustained and holistic demeanor
  • Existential fear
  • Product development and dynamic location analysis
  • Challenges and irritations in team behavior
  • Individual & group coaching
  • and many more

Application Options of KOR® Practitioner in (Psycho-)Therapy:

  • Fears and phobias
  • Burn-out
  • PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder)
  • Adaptation disorders
  • Grief and continuing grief disorder
  • Panic disorders
  • Somatization disorders
  • Dissociative disorders
  • Tic disorders
  • Personality and behavioral disorders
  • Depressive moods
  • Jealousy
  • Attachment disorders
  • and many more

Application Options of KOR® Practitioner in Terminal Care and Grief Counselling:

  • Grief counselling
  • Terminal care and hospice work
  • Decision making
  • Inner restlessness
  • Sleep disorders due to grief
  • Emotional distress in inheritance matters
  • Traumatic grief
  • Strengthening of resources
  • Strengthening resilience
  • Loss experience, e. g. change of job or residence, separation
  • Anxieties
  • Loneliness /solitude / hopelessness
  • and many more
KOR® is a high-quality and legally protected concept of further education and training programmes. As such, it may be used and referred to by KOR® certified coaches, therapists, grief counsellors, etc. exclusively.

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