KOR® Trainings

Transformation and change management as self-awareness

Target group: Managers, employees, and teams

“Nothing is as constant as change” according to Heraclitus of Ephesus. But often profound change is preceded by loss. Loss activates a grieving process in many people, sometimes more consciously and other times rather unconsciously. This can lead to performance limitations and resistance.

The Keys of Resonance I training enables you to have self-experience in living through human transformation and change.

Active and non-verbal communication techniques with the use of resonances in conversation

Target group: Managers, employees, and teams

In the training Keys of Resonance II you will get to know your usual communication style and reflect on it. Communication difficulties will be looked at and solved together using examples. How can I support myself and my interlocutor to get back into the flow of communication when things get stuck? How can I encourage my colleague when I notice something particularly positive about him or her, what form of feedback is helpful here?


The training program Keys of Resonance I offers you the opportunity to meaningfully experience human transformation and change.

The aim of the workshop Keys of Resonance II is to get to know and to reflect on your habitual style of communication

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