”Change is the inifinity of being.“

Stephanie Gotthardt

KOR® corporate development

Our coachings, workshops, leadership and further education programs in English and German are based on the most effective therapy and coaching methods worldwide, e. g. EMDR, that were refined and newly interpreted with the KOR® approach. At KOR® Academy,we wish to support you – as a company, an executive, an employee, a team or a private person – in strengthening your resources with conscious resilience and in connecting yourself harmoniously to yourself and others.

KOR® leadership and further education

KOR® Academy is specialized in transformation and change processes. KOR® means ‘Keys of Resonance’: With the wide range of our coaching programs we offer you a ”bunch of keys“, i.e. a set of effective tools that support you in your professional domain to become powerfully connected and resonant. Our certified KOR® methodology offers you holistic and invigorating approaches to cope with challenges in your personal and professional life.


KOR® means ‘Keys of Resonance’

At KOR® Academy we are specialized in transformation and change processesoffering further education and personal development to companies, therapists, grief counsellors (BVT – German federal association of grief counselling), coaches, and other interested persons.

We would especially like to support you in achieving holistic and sustainable success in your customer contacts, in meetings, or with your clients. Holistic connections with your interlocutors and with yourself support you in opening many doors for your upcoming projects.

Being connected is the chance for powerful changes – as a team, in your company, with your clients, and of course for yourself.

The essence of human existence with its human transformation and change processes represents the core issue of all our programs and courses offered by KOR® Academy. Our offers in further education result from 15 years of experience in the domains of training, therapy, and coaching. Our focus and goal are the transformation of challenging changes into long-lasting resilience.

Our goal is transforming changes into resilience.

In many workshops and trainings, we have experienced that theoretical aspects were emphasized, while practical tools were hardly taught. In every KOR® Academy workshop or further education course, we offer you a set of substantial tools, the afore mentioned  ‘bunch of keys’ which you can immediately apply and integrate long-term into your work

The essence of human existence with its human transformation and change processes represents the core issue of all programs offered by KOR® Academy.

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