Team Building

Internal and external team development

Target group: Executives, employees, and teams

You start a new team or want to change the structure of your team? You would like to offer an existing team better access to resources or unite your team in a more powerful way? You want to tie closer bonds within an international team despite the distance? You want to address a meeting and are looking for a harmonious and holistic opener for your speech?

The KOR® Academy team assists you in making your choice among our individual group offers. We offer workshops for internal and external team building and strengthening. Experience our seminars in exceptional locations (e. g. high rope courses, tight-rope gardens, covered wagon rides, hiking tours) to promote team building and to create enduring unison within your team.

For your further team development, we are comfortable with organizing your workshop on-site in your seminar venues, in a nearby hotel or at KOR® Academy.

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