KOR® Business Coaching

Activate your resources with our Business Coaching

Our Business Coaching with its therapeutic interventions activates your resources. Up to now, this approach is a unique feature of KOR® Academy and Stephanie Gotthardt´s Praxis Lichtung.

In a first step, we analyse each client´s complete biography. Thereby, we get a first impression of the origin of your values and beliefs.

Together, we explore your personal road map. In the next step, we analyse your professional challenges and detect processes to be optimised.

Combining our background knowledge of your biography and present difficulties, we get a picture of your inner needs, which will be satisfied and coped with in our Business Coaching based on our KOR® method.

„Holistic success“ – KOR® Business Coaching

Our Business Coaching intends to create a relaxed state of being and remove your blockades in a holistic approach. Thus, you will be able to enjoy your private and professional every day life in harmony and face new situations in a balanced manner.

In our Business Coaching with therapeutic interventions we use methods like EMDR, Somatic Experience, NLP, hypnotherapy, Systemic Coaching, family therapy and many more to activate your resources.

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