Systemic Coaching

Systemic Coaching leads to clarity and improves your well-being

In the domain of therapy and coaching, the examination of a so called system is the base for analysing which elements belong to the bigger picture. For example, in a family, these would be the different generations and family members. In coaching, the system of an individual could comprise different domains, like colleagues, departments, and the private environment. In Systemic Coaching these different fields are examined in detail, in order to develop a humanistic idea in which direction the client might need support and reflection.

Systemic Coaching holistically harmonises body and soul.

First, we analyse your individual lifestyle and all its related factors. Physical and mental symptoms will be examined holistically in order to develop systematic strategies.

Our Systemic Coaching intends to lead you to clarity and understanding of your own situation, to find solutions for the different challenges you are facing and to obtain a holistic well-being of body and soul.

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